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Get to Know Us

Our Story

Playing with Dreidel

Khal Chassidim was started in November 2020 by Rabbi Teddy and Sara Newman.

The first Shul in School District 14 which is within close walking distance to the community in North Woodmere, the Shul has seen astounding growth in the short time it's been open.

Established as a informal place to daven and connect to Hashem, with short and sweet inspiration from the Rabbi and enjoyable tefillos

Our Rabbi

Rabbi Teddy Newman, originally from the UK, learned in yeshivos in England and New York, has semichos from Eretz Yisrael and has learned under rabbonim in the US and abroad.

He prides himself on his warm demeanor and ability to find something quick and resonating to the crowd.

You can contact Rabbi Teddy at

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