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Please help with our Building Campaign!

We have bought and closed on our new building, and need your help to move in

With Hashem’s help we’re coming up to three years of our Shul being open.

Three years ago we wanted to start a shul where it would be less formal, more inviting and hopefully a shul where someone will learn Torah and want to connect to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

Though it’s a goal which takes a lifetime to truly achieve, I believe we’re accomplishing something beautiful.

We’re thank G-d full for all of our minyonim over shabbos, and at times there’s standing room only. Together with that, we have a makeshift ladies section, no indoor place for groups and low ceilings, which while there is a homely feel, we need something bigger to contain what we currently need as well as to grow.

We've closed on our new Shul building, big enough to house everything and to grow even more.

If you're able to give and help us move in, cover construction and more,  please click on the button below.

Your help and support is greatly appreciated and may you and your family be blessed.

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